Online Bill Payment Concentration

Automated posting of online bill payments made through financial institutions.

What we do...

Payargo provides payment solutions that help billers collect consumer payments electronically.   Manual processing of online bill payment checks can be time consuming and prone to errors.  With Payargo’s payment portal, you can electronically receive and automatically post payments originated through a bank’s online bill payment service.



Be recognized as an electronic payee allowing customers to pay within one to two days.


Automate posting with one file delivered daily in your required format


Eliminate the online bill pay checks that require manual posting and deposits


Improve cash flow, receive funds several days sooner than your current process


Increased accuracy, fewer errors, simplified reconcilement


Research any transaction in seconds through a secure payment portal

Features & Functionality

  • A daily posting file is delivered via email at 10:00 a.m ET in any format
  • Funds are available in your checking account at any bank on the same business day
  • 100% of all data from all processors remains available online for two years
  • Search any transaction in seconds using an account number, amount, name, or address
  • Make corrections in the portal on behalf of your customers to ensure accuracy for subsequent payments from those individuals
  • Account validation, receivables matching, and stop payment advice is available


  • No software to purchase or install, no long-term commitment required.
  • No monthly maintenance fees, no licensing fees.
  • Per item pricing is based on volume and customization required.
  • Costs are often completely offset by savings of deposited item fees incurred when depositing checks, therefore incremental costs to automate vary between $0 and $0.20 per transaction.


Many billers require specific data to automate posting, data that is not received from a consumer when paying through their bank's online bill pay service. Payargo can insert the data necessary in your posting file through receivables matching and account validation. By understanding your specific requirements, Payargo's team of payment experts can design a solution to improve your existing receivable's process.

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